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Mr. Bungle and the Case of the Bizarre Reunion ?Guitarist Trey Spruance explains how the long-dormant experimental rock band returned with a stated mission to play none of its best-known music, but rather to celebrate the band’s earliest chapter by enlisting their thrash metal heroes and tapping into the crazed aggression of their teenage years.

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The Eddie Van Halen Prism: Tracing His Impact Through His Influences and Disciples ?From classical and Clapton to the shredders who followed in his wake, the Van Halen guitarist was a turning point for the instrument. We trace his legacy by surveying the sounds that inspired him and the mark he left on those who took his influence to heart.

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Recent Classical Highlights ?The most noteworthy classical releases from the past month include Lang Lang’s reading of the Goldberg Variations, Seiji Ozawa conducting a Beethoven symphony, and a new staging of Benjamin Britten’s opera Peter Grimes.

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Confessions of the Metal God ?Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford goes deeper on some of the stories featured in his new memoir, Confess, including his spontaneous coming-out, the overtures he made to rejoin his band, and which Priest album is the band’s Sgt. Pepper.

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Patty Smyth Revises Her Interpretation of Tom Waits’ “Downtown Train” ?33 years after releasing her version of the track (and two years before Rod Stewart’s hit cover), Smyth discusses why she revisited the song, shares some fond train memories, and how the music business has changed the way it treats women.

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From the Band to the Go-Go’s, a Rundown of the Latest Streaming Rock Docs ?There’s no shortage of music documentaries that have made their way to streaming services as of late, so we sifted through the debris to figure out which are worthwhile and which are a tired rehash. 

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Classical Highlights from August ?While some of the titles of last month’s key classical recordings seemed to foretell of our new state of existence, their music can offer an escape from housebound drudgery.

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Author Ken McNab Sheds Light on the Beatles’ Tumultuous Final Year ?The Scottish journalist discusses his book And In the End: The Last Days of the Beatles, which carefully reconstructs the events of 1969 and the series of gradual cause-and-effect relationships that tore apart the world’s biggest band.

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No Joy’s Beautifully Bizarre ‘Motherhood’ Gleefully Celebrates Going off the Rails As her band departs from its earlier shoegaze sound, leader Jasamine White-Gluz shares some of the new album’s unexpected influences, why it was time for the band to change course, and how the recording process was like playing Jenga.

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