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      The Silence are a 21st century neo-psychedelic band led by guitarist Masaki Batoh, founder of the iconic Japanese band Ghost. After disbanding the long-standing group in 2014, he formed the Silence straightaway. Influenced by everyone from Love and Blue Cheer to Quicksilver Messenger Service and Can, the band's sound is a dizzying array of psych, progressive folk, mutant pop, and hooky melodies. The group issued their self-titled debut and Hark the Silence nine months apart in 2015, and the following year issued Nine Suns, One Morning. After touring and a personnel change, the Silence released Metaphysical Feedback in 2019 and Electric Meditations the following year. While in Spain touring his Brain Pulse Music album in the fall of 2013, Batoh ran into drummer Okano Futoshi, who had played with Ghost for Lama Rabi Rabi and its long ...
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