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      Graham Ross is a conductor, best known as the leader of the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, but also with wide experience leading a variety of modern orchestras and early music groups. Ross is also a composer who has written more than 100 works. As a conductor, he has premiered works by some of Britain's most popular composers. Ross was born in Farnham, in England's Surrey County, on April 29, 1985. He studied violin, piano, organ, and treble vocals as a youth. Ross attended Clare College, Cambridge, studying composition with Giles Swayne. In 2004, still a student at Cambridge, he formed his own group, the Dmitri Ensemble, and served as its conductor. Ross went on to the Royal College of Music in London, studying conducting with Peter Stark and Robin O'Neill. He landed a conducting scholarship with the London Symphony Chorus in 2008 ...
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