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      Ben Chatwin is a Scottish musician who combines electronic and acoustic instruments (including guitars, bells, strings, and organs) into his dark, haunting ambient compositions. His dreamlike pieces shun traditional rhythms or song structures; nevertheless, they are highly melodic and evocative, recalling suspenseful soundtracks as well as cinematic post-rock. Following a string of limited releases as Talvihorros beginning in 2008, Chatwin started using his own name with the release of 2015's The Sleeper Awakes, an album on which he utilized a century-old dulcitone. His scope vastly expanded with 2018's fully orchestrated Staccato Signals, and the dense, caustic soundscapes of 2020's The Hum explored the hidden frequencies of the recording studio. As Talvihorros, Chatwin began issuing limited cassettes and CD-Rs of his music on labels ...
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