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      John Zorn

      Naked City


      Alternative/Indie Rock

      The violent cover photo sets the stage for the rather passionate music on this John Zorn set. With guitarist Bill Frisell, keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, bassist Fred Frith, drummer Joey Baron, and guest vocalist Yamatsuka Eye making intense contributions, altoist Zorn performs his unpredictable originals, abstract versions of some movie themes, plus Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman." The stimulating music rewards repeated listenings by more open-minded listeners.

      - Scott Yanow

      Black Flag



      Alternative/Indie Rock

      The work of tuned-in societal satirists, the tracks compiled on this posthumous LP worked as comic relief, a catharsis of sorts, and not surprisingly some of this was the best Black Flag stuff, like the ode to drunkenness "Six Pack," the reveling-in-media babysitting "T.V. Party," and the hilarious slaughter of "Louie, Louie" that would make the Metallic KO Stooges proud.

      - Jack Rabid

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